10th March 2019

Example Virtual Tours

A 360° Virtual Tour can bring your business or event to life and drive traffic to your website.  Our tours are designed to be fully interactive so that your visitor receives a high level of service and is fully immersed into your event, product and service.  Below are a few examples

Retail outlet:  Our brief was to help ‘pin’ this rural Bridal Boutique to Google Maps and allow the viewer to literally drive into the driveway and walk through the door into the boutique.  As with all of our tours, we want the visitor to stay a while and so the tour is interactive allowing them to view the range of dresses available, see examples and walk around the store.

Virtual tours for retail

Wedding venue:  Our brief was to help ‘pin’ this Barn style wedding venue to Google Maps and allow the viewer to literally drive into the driveway and walk around the grounds and into the venue.  This is an ongoing project and aims to show the changing face of the Barns throughout the seasons so that couples can make an informed choice of when to plan their own wedding.  The interactive panels throughout allow the view to see the venue in different styles to create inspiration.

Capturing Virtual tours for wedding venues

Real Wedding :  Our brief here was to capture the key elements of the wedding day in movie format as well as capturing ambient detail in stills.  By linking the two media together we provide the couple with a full walk around of their day to allow them to relive the sights and sounds in a truly unique way.

Live event :  We were asked to come along and carry out a live 360° broadcast and capture of a festival sponsored by the local arts council.  Using our outside events bus and a 6m high tripod we were able to show an overhead view of the day blended with an interactive walk through and filming of the various acts.

Live streaming and filming of live events