360 camera

Creating the perfect 360 degree experience for your event, product or business


Meet ‘Boris’, one of our arsenal of high definition cameras. He sits stealthily shooting either stills, videos or live feeds silently and unobtrusivly in glorious high definition 8k – from all angles.  His 6 wide-angle lenses are set to recreate the human field of vision to enable the perfect Virtual Reality scene recreation if required too.  Boris can be set at human head height to recreate the feeling of ‘being there’, can be set on our super stable mounts up to 5m for large outside events or can be set-free to roam amongst the scenes. Super stabilisation ensures that any knocks or wind attacks are seamlessly eradicated leaving you with super sharp footage of every angle.


After agreeing type of footage (VR, Monoscopic, stills or combos) we work out prime locations with our clients to ensure that any tours are effective.  Each scene is lovingly bound into a virtual tour with ‘hotspots’ allowing the viewer to wander around the chosen event/property.  


Standalone footage and tours may be viewed in a number of ways from mobile phones and tablets through to desktops and the latest VR headsets and, as everything is shot in 8K, you can be sure of great quality.


Add branding, infographics, adverts, pop up information and even floor plans and you have the full immersive experience.