7th August 2019

Virtual Tours for business

virtual tour image of bridal boutique

A Google enabled Virtual Tour helps you to generate more 

business fast


Customers want to check you out before they visit

Customers today want to see what your business looks like BEFORE they consider a visit. They want to walk around inside and check you out. If your business looks inviting and interesting. Google studies show that:

Business listings with photos and a Google virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.

On average 41% of customers who used local search visited the business within one day.

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

For more information check out our FAQ.s at the bottom of this page.


Watch this short explanatory video for more information

Take a look at these sample tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Virtual Tour (VT)? Imagine Google Street View but inside your shop. Users will be able to look around, zoom in and out and move around using hotspots.

I run a busy shop, how long will it take? That depends on the size of the premises. A small shop should only take about 10 minutes. For best results we ask that the shop be closed to the public whilst we are filming.

Can I book it for a different day? Yes but prices will reflect a tailored appointment. We keep our pricing very low as we group book businesses

Do I need to prepare? No more than you would normally when you open your doors for business. Obviously, unsightly clutter should be hidden from sight where possible.

Why do I need this? A VT appears as part of your Google Maps listing and increases your visibility. People are increasingly looking to Google Maps for recommendatons and like to take a look before they visit. You are effectively open for business, showing people what you have on offer 24/7!

When will it appear on my Google Maps listing? Normally within 7 to 10 days

Can I put this on my website? Absolutely! We will give you the embed code and can even help with that process. A tour on your website increases dwell time and further helps your ranking too.

How do people view the VT? Mobile phones, tablets, PCs and certain VR headsets all work well

Are there any other options that I should think about? Yes – your tour can be as immersive and interactive as you wish. We can even integrate your online shop!